John, W8QN held a HSMM-Mesh (High Speed MultiMedia) demo at the Midland Co Mi ARES/RACES meeting.
I was all excited to see the demo and learn about it, but then when I got there, I was kinda disappointed. I figured we would be hacking code, soldering new crystals, doing hardware mods to the routers. Unfortunately (for me) its too easy to setup, compared to what I thought was involved. Im more of a hands on hacker.

The router required is a Linksys 54GL.
You will need to download the correct HSMM Mesh firmware from
firmware for the wrt54g and wrt54gl

Follow the standard update procedure from the stock Linksys admin menus.
Let the system reboot. Enter your Callsign as SSID.
Set the router channel between 1 and 6. These fall within the ham band.
Simple “off the shelf” type antennas can be used. Most stores dont carry these, but they are available all over the net, and Ebay.

The demo included using a plug-n-play IP camera. I didnt get pic of that or the other router setup, but it was the same as the parabolic dish.

We also discussed that its best to keep the coax as short as possible, with the 2.4ghz freqs. Using a weatherproof box to house the router is the best option. Mount the box just under the antenna. We talked about using Power Over Ethernet (POE) to get the 12volt, 1 amp up to the router. Using a large capacitor inside the box helps regulate + store the power. (I learned a new tip. Never thought of that before.)
Ethernet CAT5 wiring uses 8 wires. 4 of these wires are used for the data. The other 4 wires are unused. These can be used to carry the power up to the router. Store bought adapters/injectors can be bought, but its easy enough to build your own. There are a lot of instructions online on how to build one.

HSMM-Mesh Demo Setup 1 - Stock Antennas

HSMM-Mesh Demo Setup 2 - 15DB Parabolic Dish

HSMM-Mesh Demo Setup 3 - 9DB Omni

HSMM-MESH Router Firmware Screen